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Taber abrasion data from AWL Ltd verifies improved wear resistance of new flooring lacquer.

You know what it’s like. A lacquer manufacturer provides marketing literature or statements over the phone suggesting their product is harder wearing than the competition.

The question that should be asked is ‘On what data do you base that statement?’ Upton Wood Flooring based in Oxfordshire showed due diligence by asking AWL Ltd to provide independent testing to establish the relative wear resistance of 3 lacquers from different manufacturers on their wood flooring samples and they were in a desperate hurry for results!

Upton contacted AWL Ltd on a Monday for initial contract review discussions and it was clear test protocols were not available and a starting point needed to be established by AWL Ltd.

Despite this lack of information, they needed to be going into production with the best lacquer by the end of that week!!

To that aim it was agreed that prepared samples were to be delivered by hand to AWL on the Tuesday.

Testing was carried out on the Wednesday using our experience to provide the correct choice of abrasive wheel, load and number to cycles to prevent wearing through the lacquer during the test.

Results were completed, reviewed and reported in accordance with ASTM D4060 on the Thursday and the data was conclusive.

Production of flooring protected by the best lacquer took place on the Friday as scheduled with added confidence the correct choice had been made.

Upton Flooring were happy to say the least, and AWL Ltd were pleased to have helped.


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