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ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9 for benchmarking paint systems for corrosion performance

This corrosion performance standard remains popular at AWL particularly for benchmarking a performance standard for a paint or other coating system where no previous data exists. There are 2 test regimes used to reach a performance standard. Test regime 1 requires water condensation AND neutral salt spray testing. Test regime 2 requires cyclic ageing in accordance with the old ISO 20340, now ISO 12944-9.

Test regime 2 should be chosen if UV weathering and low temperature durability is required for resistance to colour-shift, chalking, cracking, flaking or any other surface effects. It should be noted that chalking caused by UV degradation can significantly reduce the corrosion protection performance of any barrier coating.

Please also be reminded there are essentially 3 parts to establishing an ISO 12944-6 corrosion performance standard. These are:

  1. Pre-exposure adhesion tests (test method depends on total dry film thickness)
  2. The exposure cycles (regimes 1 or 2)
  3. Post-exposure adhesion tests.

There may also be a requirement for a Cathodic Dis-bondment test in accordance with ISO 15711 if coating protection is cathodic rather than just barrier. In the 2018 version of the standard this is a recommendation only. AWL can offer CD testing if required.

All results must be satisfactory according to the requirements of the standard before a certificate of conformance can be issued. For more information please contact us


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