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Buster & Punch product shows good corrosion performance

AWL Ltd are pleased to have helped Buster & Punch Ltd confirm durable corrosion performance for their high-end decorative finishes using the CASS corrosion test. What is CASS? CASS (Copper Acid Salt Spray) testing according to ISO 9227:2017 or ASTM B368 is chosen when validating the corrosion performance of decorative coatings such as copper, nickel, and chromium for resistance to pin-holing, loss of adhesion, discolouration and other surface effects. The test is more aggressive than neutral salt spray testing and has also been found suitable for testing anodic and organic coatings on aluminium substrates at AWL Ltd using various corrosion test chambers such as the one shown in the picture below.



ISO 12944 – Route to qualification and certification at AWL Ltd

AWL are pleased to be helping Strictland Tracks Ltd confirm their chosen corrosion and durability category for their painted product according to ISO 12944. This test protocol is fast becoming the chosen standard for corrosion protection of steel structures using paint systems and other coatings. AWL would like to remind prospective clients that there are 2 test regimes used as routes for qualification and certification. Use test regime 1 if UV degradation is not of major concern (i.e. underbody automotive components). Use test regime 2 if UV degradation and low temperature durability is of major concern (i.e.. any coating exposed outdoors). Test regime 2 has been the most popular choice of our clients since the latest version of ISO12944 parts 6 and 9 were added to our scope of UKAS accredited test protocols.



Number plate qualification to BSAU145e

AWL are pleased to be helping Tennants UK Ltd achieve BSAU145e:2018 qualification and certification for a number of different construction soon to be ready for the market place. AWL would like to remind all prospective clients that 6 sample units (as a minimum) are required to satisfy all clauses of 145e per construction type, and the definition of a sample unit is one front and one rear plate.

number plate testing


Another ISO 12944 paint performance qualification certificate awarded by AWL

We are pleased to have helped Bucher Municipal in Dorking to achieve ISO 12944 qualification to C5M. Bucher Municipal has been manufacturing road sweepers for more than 75 years, and today is one of the world market leaders in street cleansing vehicles, sewer cleaners and winter maintenance equipment. That said, it is not surprising a high corrosion durability paint system was required for their vehicles. Well done to all involved.


The new number plate rules that drivers need to know about………….

Drivers are being warned of two big changes to number plates that will come into force from March 2022.

From March, standard number plates on all new vehicles will need to pass durability tests to make sure they’re tough enough to withstand abrasion from road debris like salt and dirt.

The new rules also mean two-tone number plates, which use different colour shades to create a 3D effect on the lettering will be banned.

The new rules also mean two-tone number plates, which use different colour shades to create a 3D effect on the lettering, will be banned.

This is so that Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be better able to read the lettering.

The new rules are all part of a new standard for number plates.

The old standard used BS AU 145d plates, which has been in use since September 2001, according to Autotrader.

The new standard is BS AU 145e:2018.

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Another ISO 12944-6 C5M coatings conformance certificate issued

AWL are UKAS accredited to provide testing according to the requirements of ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9. We are pleased to have helped Euroclad Group Ltd achieve corrosion durability conformance to C5M, C4H and C3VH.

ISO 12944-6 testing alongside ISO 12944-9 are used to demonstrate the durability of new paint systems for benchmarking a corrosion category where performance data is not available. Durability categories are assessed at AWL Ltd after the humidity condensation test (ISO 6270-2), the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227), and resistance to the effects of water or chemicals (ISO 2812-1 or 2812-2)  depending on the target category required.


ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9 for benchmarking paint systems for corrosion performance

This corrosion performance standard remains popular at AWL particularly for benchmarking a performance standard for a paint or other coating system where no previous data exists. There are 2 test regimes used to reach a performance standard. Test regime 1 requires water condensation AND neutral salt spray testing. Test regime 2 requires cyclic ageing in accordance with the old ISO 20340, now ISO 12944-9.

Test regime 2 should be chosen if UV weathering and low temperature durability is required for resistance to colour-shift, chalking, cracking, flaking or any other surface effects. It should be noted that chalking caused by UV degradation can significantly reduce the corrosion protection performance of any barrier coating.

Please also be reminded there are essentially 3 parts to establishing an ISO 12944-6 corrosion performance standard. These are:

  1. Pre-exposure adhesion tests (test method depends on total dry film thickness)
  2. The exposure cycles (regimes 1 or 2)
  3. Post-exposure adhesion tests.

There may also be a requirement for a Cathodic Dis-bondment test in accordance with ISO 15711 if coating protection is cathodic rather than just barrier. In the 2018 version of the standard this is a recommendation only. AWL can offer CD testing if required.

All results must be satisfactory according to the requirements of the standard before a certificate of conformance can be issued. For more information please contact us


4D number plates – Are they legal to sell in UK??

The short answer is yes but only if they have provided satisfactory test results according to all clauses of BSAU145e:2018 before they reach the UK market place.

The financial investment required for conformance to this standard is significant (+£14K) and the time-frames for compliance are long (+4 months).

We are hearing of lots of suppliers of this type of plate suggesting their product is indeed compliant to this standard so legal to sell in the UK. If they are compliant, they certainly didn’t come through us!!

We have not tested, or provided traceable C of Cs for any 4D plate construction since the standard became a legal requirement for plates sold in the UK!!

A few questions to suppliers / manufacturers of 4D construction number plates selling within the UK:

Do your customers have access to the test reports and a certificate of conformance? Was the certificate provided by a UKAS accredited laboratory?

So in summary, if the preferred testing laboratory according to the BNMA are not testing and providing evidence for BSAU145e:2018 conformance of 4D plates then……Who is?



Covid 19 – Accelerated Weathering Laboratory Ltd remain fully operational

We are contactable for contract review discussions should you have a requirement for any testing in line with our scope.

Our labs are fully operational and shall remain open for business.

In accordance with the latest UK government COVID 19 advice, most of our staff have been furloughed. Meetings or contact shall take place virtually or by email for the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise you, via this website if anything changes.

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a safe journey through this pandemic and I look forward things returning to some sort of normallity within the coming months. Stay safe and best wishes to all.

Paul Edwards – Director – AWL Ltd

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