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Covid 19 – Accelerated Weathering Laboratory Ltd remain fully operational

We are contactable for contract review discussions should you have a requirement for any testing in line with our scope.

Our labs are fully operational and shall remain open for business.

In accordance with the latest UK government COVID 19 advice, most of our staff have been furloughed. Meetings or contact shall take place virtually or by email for the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise you, via this website if anything changes.

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a safe journey through this pandemic and I look forward things returning to some sort of normallity within the coming months. Stay safe and best wishes to all.

Paul Edwards – Director – AWL Ltd


Pre-flammability test accelerated weathering

AWL are pleased to be helping Eco-Sol Ltd confirm the weathering durability of their fire-retardant coatings that are impregmated into various types of timber cladding after accelerated weathering in accordance with EN927-6 / Method B. This weathering test is required prior to cone calorimeter flammability testing according to EN 16755 -2017.


ISO 12944-6 : 2018 continues to be the chosen benchmark test for high durability paint systems

This corrosion performance standard still remains popular at AWL, but please remember there are 2 test regimes allowed to reach your required performance standard. One of which requires water condensation AND neutral salt spray testing. The other requires just cyclic ageing in accordance with the old ISO 20340, now ISO 12944-9.

Please also be reminded there are essentially 3 parts to establishing an ISO 12944-6 corrosion performance standard. These are:

  1. Pre-exposure adhesion tests (test method depends on total dry film thickness)
  2. The exposure cycles (test regimes 1 or 2)
  3. Post-exposure adhesion tests.

There may also be a requirement for a Cathodic Disbondment test in accordance with ISO 15711 if coating protection is cathodic rather than just barrier. In the 2018 version of the standard this is a recommendation only. AWL can offer CD testing if required.

All tests must be satisfactory before a certificate of conformance can be issued by AWL Ltd. For more information please contact us


Accelerated Weathering Laboratory takes ownership of several first-teir domains

The Accelerated Weathering Laboratory Ltd are pleased to announce ownwership of the following industry sector specific first-tier domains relavent to our proposed new flexable scope of accrditation by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

These domains should take you directly to our web pages at Any problems here, please let us know.


ISO 12944 Corrosion and UV Weathering Performance becoming the benchmark for Durable Coatings

The corrosion performance category C5H continues to the benchmark standard for many applications outside off-shore environments and for good reasons. ISO 12944-6 and ISO 12944-9 takes resistance to UV weathering, salt spray, salt immersion and low temperature (-20C) providing a robust test regime that mimics the extremes of natural weathering. AWL are UKAS accredted for this standard and continue to work with many finishing service providers helping them acheive conformance to this demanding corrosion durability category.


AWL ready to provide Certificates of Conformance for BS AU 145e : 2018

We are pleased to announce the first issues of certificates of conformance against the new number plate standard BS AU 145e:2018 are due for completion very shortly after commercial and technical traceability reports have been prepared and reviewed. We would like to thank all of our clients for their patience as some of the new clauses of the standard have been difficult to work with, both technically and practically. Now these issues have been resolved the time-frame for 145e conformance shall be significantly reduced.

Paul Edwards

Technical Director



Control samples now required for Thermal Resistance Testing to BS AU 145e : 2018

AWL would like to remind all of our number plate testing partners that duplicte controls are required when submitting samples for clause 11. These are to be used as visual comparisons with exposed samples after 5 cycles of the thermal resistance test to aid assessment. Although the schedule within the standard states just x1 sample set is required to satisfy this clause, please send us x2 sample sets per construction type. Many thanks.


Calling all Test Houses – False requests for quotations in accordance with ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9.

As ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9 (old ISO 20340) becomes more popular at AWL Ltd we are receiving more false requests for information and costs for performing this series of tests. The requests are normally from persons who say they are consultants for legitimate existing companies mainly located in the Far East.

These ‘consultants’ do not use the company domain when contacting by email for the company they state they are representing, nor will they call you directly by phone for contract review discussions (although they will say they have tried).

So please watch out emails that contain requests for ISO 12944 information and costs which are closely followed by requests for your company information, accreditations and bank details!!. Our policy at AWL is to contact the company for which they say they are representatives.

If they are false requests they will either not reply or deny representation by these individuals. As a word of advice never offer your testing services to individuals who use untraceable Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud email domains unless they are well known to you. It is our experience that legitimate technical consultants use a company domain.

No point in naming names here as these are highly likely to be false.

Common sense really but these twisted fuckers know how to make an email look genuine. Don’t get caught out.


Concern. Laminators used when submitting samples for BSAU145e number plate testing.

The irony and frustration at AWL remains that after all of the additional costs required for conformance to BS AU 145e : 2018, no controls are yet in place regarding the laminator used to produce a number plate unit.

AWL is of the opinion that inclusion of an approved laminator, or at least compulsory requirements for a laminator should be provided within an annex of the new standard after its next revision.

It has been our view for many years that without controls here, poor quality number plates in terms of adhesive delamination and other related effects will continue to hit the market place despite the use of good quality acrylics, adhesives, printing and reflectives.

There is also the danger of course that poorly laminated number plate units submitted for testing may fail certain clauses of the standard despite being manufactured from high quality components. Samples are required to pass all clauses of 145e before a certificate of conformance can be issued.

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