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4D number plates – Are they legal to sell in UK??

The short answer is yes but only if they have provided satisfactory test results according to all clauses of BSAU145e:2018 before they reach the UK market place.

The financial investment required for conformance to this standard is significant (+£14K) and the time-frames for compliance are long (+4 months).

We are hearing of lots of suppliers of this type of plate suggesting their product is indeed compliant to this standard so legal to sell in the UK. If they are compliant, they certainly didn’t come through us!!

We have not tested, or provided traceable C of Cs for any 4D plate construction since the standard became a legal requirement for plates sold in the UK!!

A few questions to suppliers / manufacturers of 4D construction number plates selling within the UK:

Do your customers have access to the test reports and a certificate of conformance? Was the certificate provided by a UKAS accredited laboratory?

So in summary, if the preferred testing laboratory according to the BNMA are not testing and providing evidence for BSAU145e:2018 conformance of 4D plates then……Who is?



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