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Buster & Punch product shows good corrosion performance

AWL Ltd are pleased to have helped Buster & Punch Ltd confirm durable corrosion performance for their high-end decorative finishes using the CASS corrosion test. What is CASS? CASS (Copper Acid Salt Spray) testing according to ISO 9227:2017 or ASTM B368 is chosen when validating the corrosion performance of decorative coatings such as copper, nickel, and chromium for resistance to pin-holing, loss of adhesion, discolouration and other surface effects. The test is more aggressive than neutral salt spray testing and has also been found suitable for testing anodic and organic coatings on aluminium substrates at AWL Ltd using various corrosion test chambers such as the one shown in the picture below.



ISO 12944 – Route to qualification and certification at AWL Ltd

AWL are pleased to be helping Strictland Tracks Ltd confirm their chosen corrosion and durability category for their painted product according to ISO 12944. This test protocol is fast becoming the chosen standard for corrosion protection of steel structures using paint systems and other coatings. AWL would like to remind prospective clients that there are 2 test regimes used as routes for qualification and certification. Use test regime 1 if UV degradation is not of major concern (i.e. underbody automotive components). Use test regime 2 if UV degradation and low temperature durability is of major concern (i.e.. any coating exposed outdoors). Test regime 2 has been the most popular choice of our clients since the latest version of ISO12944 parts 6 and 9 were added to our scope of UKAS accredited test protocols.



Number plate qualification to BSAU145e

AWL are pleased to be helping Tennants UK Ltd achieve BSAU145e:2018 qualification and certification for a number of different construction soon to be ready for the market place. AWL would like to remind all prospective clients that 6 sample units (as a minimum) are required to satisfy all clauses of 145e per construction type, and the definition of a sample unit is one front and one rear plate.

number plate testing

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