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Calling all Test Houses – False requests for quotations in accordance with ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9.

As ISO 12944 parts 6 and 9 (old ISO 20340) becomes more popular at AWL Ltd we are receiving more false requests for information and costs for performing this series of tests. The requests are normally from persons who say they are consultants for legitimate existing companies mainly located in the Far East.

These ‘consultants’ do not use the company domain when contacting by email for the company they state they are representing, nor will they call you directly by phone for contract review discussions (although they will say they have tried).

So please watch out emails that contain requests for ISO 12944 information and costs which are closely followed by requests for your company information, accreditations and bank details!!. Our policy at AWL is to contact the company for which they say they are representatives.

If they are false requests they will either not reply or deny representation by these individuals. As a word of advice never offer your testing services to individuals who use untraceable Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud email domains unless they are well known to you. It is our experience that legitimate technical consultants use a company domain.

No point in naming names here as these are highly likely to be false.

Common sense really but these twisted fuckers know how to make an email look genuine. Don’t get caught out.

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