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Concern. Laminators used when submitting samples for BSAU145e number plate testing.

The irony and frustration at AWL remains that after all of the additional costs required for conformance to BS AU 145e : 2018, no controls are yet in place regarding the laminator used to produce a number plate unit.

AWL is of the opinion that inclusion of an approved laminator, or at least compulsory requirements for a laminator should be provided within an annex of the new standard after its next revision.

It has been our view for many years that without controls here, poor quality number plates in terms of adhesive delamination and other related effects will continue to hit the market place despite the use of good quality acrylics, adhesives, printing and reflectives.

There is also the danger of course that poorly laminated number plate units submitted for testing may fail certain clauses of the standard despite being manufactured from high quality components. Samples are required to pass all clauses of 145e before a certificate of conformance can be issued.

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