Number Plate Tests

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Look around in any car park and you will see some very poor quality number plates, even on cars just a few months old. You will see white patches in the black alpha-numeric, peeling reflective films and perhaps vertical bands of dirt which make the plate difficult to read. Look even closer and you may see the BS quality mark in the bottom right hand corner!

At present number plates may be manufactured using any material which performs satisfactorily in service, providing the requirements of the standard are met. Clearly, in many cases they do not.
Legislation regarding the manufactured quality of retro-reflecting number plates is changing. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is no longer just about speeding cameras. Good quality easily legible number plates during day and night hours are also required for matters of national security these days.

The current standard for number plate testing (BS AU 145d : 1998) has been reviewed and shall specify minimum performance criteria of the following to assist ANPR:
• Photometric and colorimetric properties
• Retro-reflection properties
• UV aging from sunlight and UV weathering
• Number plate testing for resistance to bending, impact, corrosion by salt and solvents
• Thermal resistance to distortion during extremes of temperature
• Resistance to vibration and shock (where applicable)

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