ISO 20340

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ISO 20340:2009 has been adopted as the pre-qualification offshore performance standard for barrier coatings that may be broken down due to long term exposure to sunlight, moisture, sea water spray and wind chills.

ISO 20340 uses three well established laboratory procedures as its 7 day test cycle:
• 72 hours accelerated UV weathering in accordance with ISO 16474-3    (formally ISO 11507)
• 72 hours neutral salt spray exposure in accordance with ISO 9227
• 24 hours steady state low temperature testing at -20˚C

This tough test regime is repeated for up to 25 cycles (4200 hours) and only the most durable of coating systems will withstand this test cycle and exposure period.

ISO 12944-6 alongside ISO 20340 are designed to facilitate the suitability assessment of new paint systems. Suitability is assessed at AWL Ltd using the humidity condensation test (ISO 6270), the neutral salt spray (fog) test (ISO 9227), and the test method used for determining resistance to the effects of water and chemicals (ISO 2812-1 and 2812-2).

For more information regarding our ISO 20340 and ISO 12944-6 testing, please do not hesitate to contact us to further discuss your requirements.



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