• Cyclic Corrosion and Salt Spray Testing

    Cyclic Corrosion and Salt Spray Testing

  • Controlled Temperature and Humidity

    Controlled Temperature and Humidity

  • Taber Abrasion Wear Resistance and Index

    Taber Abrasion Wear Resistance and Index

  • UV Weathering and Paint Performance Testing

    UV Weathering and Paint Performance Testing

  • Numberplate Testing - BS AU 145

    Numberplate Testing - BS AU 145

Accelerated Weathering Laboratory (AWL)  provide a UKAS accredited materials testing service for validating the performance properties of a vast range of materials and coatings including paint, powder coated and plated parts, adhesives, inks and fabrics.

From our laboratories in South Marston Park, Swindon, Wiltshire close to Honda Manufactudturing UK, we offer a comprehensive range of testing procedures and are committed to providing a competitive yet high quality service not only to provide data, but to assist in research and development programmes where required.

We work with a broad range of clients within the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Non-Automotive sectors and have an extensive client base of worldwide brands including Aston Martin Lagonda, Lotus Cars, Jaguar / Land Rover, Honda Manufacturing and R&D, Ford, Volvo, VW,  Ministry of Defense and British Aerospace to name but a few.

AWL can provide our clients with the data they need to make informed material performance decisions.

UV Weathering


UV exposure and weathering can cause damage to metals, coatings, plastics, fabrics and other materials. It can also cause ink fading, brittleness, cracking, peeling and reduce tensile strength. AWL can perform a range of accelerated weathering tests to determine whether your product will withstand the elements.




Our corrosion testing facilities consist of cyclic corrosion, salt spray and climatic chambers to establish or validate the performance of a vast range of materials and barrier coatings on metals or polymeric materials. The lead in corrosion testing, particularly cyclic has been driven by the automotive sector in recent years and AWL Ltd are in constant demand for this service for a wide variety of suppliers of parts for car manufacturers including painters, platers and electro-coating plants for subframe, suspension and other underbody parts.


Number Plate Testing


Our number plate testing is based around the current British Standard BS AU 145d. This standard is due to be revised. Tests include photometric, colorimetric and retro-reflection properties. UV aging from sunlight and weathering. Resistance to bending, impact and salt spray. Thermal resistance to distortion during extremes of temperature and resistance to vibration and shock.